Homard Wine

LobsterBottle.com is home to the famous Homard wine in the lobster shaped bottle.
Our New York White Merlot or our California White Zinfandel
in the exclusive lobster bottle will be available soon at a store near you!

Homard News! Homard News! Homard News!

Homard Wine now ships from three locations!
Maine-ly New Hampshire, Grapes of Norwalk and The Wine Studio will deliver Homard Wine directly to your home!
This is great news for all our customers who are outside our current distribution area.
Click here to buy Homard White Merlot Online from Maine-ly New Hampshire!
Click here to contact Grapes of Norwalk for shipping information!
Contact Maureen Adams at The Wine Studio in Manchester, NH (603-622-WINE) for shipping information.

The Bangor Daily News gave Homard Wine a nice review in its Lifestyle & Arts section.
If you missed it in print, you can read this great review online!

Lobster Bottles with Bows

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Updated on 12/01/2009.
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